Lindsey Clark

After working as an engineer and in the academic laboratory setting for a decade, Lindsey started her data science career in 2015 at a healthcare startup and worked for 4.5 years to build a data science team of 5 alongside a vibrant data science internship program. During that time, she became very active in Nashville's data science community.

Her involvement locally in Nashville includes both participating in and leading meetups, serving on technical and career panels, local conferences, mock interviews and other educational events for students and trainees, and mentorship. In January 2020, Lindsey joined Healthcare Bluebook as a Senior Data Scientist and is devoted to using data science and analytics to help consumers navigate healthcare pricing to make more informed healthcare choices while driving metrics-based business value. She was promoted to Director of Data Science in September 2021.

Services Offered: Career Development Advice (especially for PhD-level) Building Data Science Teams, Data Science Strategies, How to be a High Performing Data Scientist, Neworking and Brand Building

Services Offered:

  • Career Development Advice (especially for PhD-level) Building Data Science Teams
  • Data Science Strategies
  • How to be a High Performing Data Scientist
  • Neworking and Brand Building

Jay Roy

As a healthcare analytics professional, Jay enjoys teaching and mentoring students, colleagues and peers by teaching on-the-job, at boot camps, university colleges and through seminars, workshops, healthcare symposiums, and analytics conferences.

Over the last 20 years, Jay has garnered his healthcare experience from consulting and working in healthcare environments, including payers, providers, and healthcare technology companies large and small. His functional experience includes healthcare finance, product management, IT and analytics.

Services Offered:

  • Healthcare Consulting and Analytics
  • Data Analytics Coach and Mentor
  • Entrepreneur and Career Mentor
  • Questions on Python and R

David Weil

David Weil is an enthusiastic and energetic health lawyer, business lawyer and healthcare executive leader.

He is passionate about all that he does serving his clients, colleagues, constituents and communities.  As an inquisitive life-long learner and a quick study, he enjoys working with others to create elegant solutions to perplexing problems.

Services Offered:

  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Networking and Career Coaching
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