Healthcare Data Analysis 2 Using SQL and Excel: Topics

Healthcare Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel
Welcome and Course Structure
Week 1: General Healthcare and Data Concepts
Week 1 - Part I: General Healthcare Background and Processes
Week 1 - Part II: Healthcare Data Concepts and Performing Analyses
Week 2: Patients, Plan Coverages and Processes
Week 2 - Part I: How Eligibility and Enrollment Processes Work
Week 2 - Part II: Working with Membership Tables and Performing Various Analyses
Week 3: Revenue Cycle and Billing Processes
Week 3 - Part I: How Revenue Cycle Processes Work
Week 3 - Part II: Working with Revenue Cycle Tables and Performing Various Analyses
Week 4: Claims Payment Processes
Week 4 - Part I: How Claims Processes Work
Week 4 - Part II: Working with Claims Tables and Performing Various Analyses
Week 5 Provider Processes
Week 5 - Part I: How Provider Processes Work
Week 5 - Part II: Working with Provider Tables and Performing Analyses
Week 6: Course Review, Use Cases and Capstone Project
Week 6 - Part I: Review of Weeks One to Five via Use Cases and Scenarios
Week 6 - Part II: Capstone Project: Your Choice of 1 or 2
Conclusion and Suggested Courses:
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